Автошот на поинт бланк 2014 01 03

автошот на поинт бланк 2014 01 03
Warlock Destruction Warlocks that are stuck on the final Artifact acquisition quest «Ritual Ruination» should now find it easier to get through all obstacles. Characters who perform a faction change will no longer lose completion progress on the quest «The Aegis of Aggramar». Faction emissaries should now be more easy to select when turning in their quests. UI Fixed an issue that caused the Adventure Guide to display incorrect loot for Emerald Nightmare. Classes Druid (Guardian) The Embrace the Nightmare artifact trait now properly grants crowd control immunity while Rage of the Sleeper is active.

Herbalism The droprate for seeds has been reduced to 2.5% for all herbs, except Felwort, which remains at a 25% chance to loot a seed. PvP Ashran All methods of turning in Artifact Fragments should now correctly reward honor at a rate of 1 honor for every 2 Artifact Fragments. Priest Spending trait points in the Discipline Priest Artifact will now properly also increase the damage of your Mindbender or Shadowfiend summons. Ver. 2.60 — 07/12/2011 Improved camera Low Light Mode (650 and 650t).Improved route recalculations with 24K TOPO maps.Fixed intermittent voice issues when navigating.Fixed issues with orientation lock after a power cycle.Fixed intermittent issues with Address and Intersection searches.

The World Quest map marker for Starstalker Point Alliance has been moved to its accurate location. Monk Fortifying Brew should no longer grant more than the intended bonus when combined with other effects that increase health. These changes ensure that raid groups must enter Il’gynoth’s core twice in order to complete the encounter on Mythic difficulty, but offset that change by speeding up the process of destroying the Eye to shorten the overall length of the encounter. Warrior Shield Slam now generates 20 Rage (was 10). Ignore Pain’s maximum absorption has been reduced by 33%. Inspiring Presence no longer stacks on players who have multiple Warriors present.

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