Бланк форма 26.2-8

бланк форма 26.2-8
The constructor arguments are used to initialize the attributes of the same names. For example, when printing a dict, Python doesn’t guarantee that the key-value pairs will be printed in any particular order, so a test like >>> foo() {«Hermione»: «hippogryph», «Harry»: «broomstick»} is vulnerable! When DONT_ACCEPT_BLANKLINE is specified, this substitution is not allowed. doctest.NORMALIZE_WHITESPACE When specified, all sequences of whitespace (blanks and newlines) are treated as equal.

Read only transactions and transaction rollbacks need not wait for replies from standby servers. When requesting synchronous replication, each commit of a write transaction will wait until confirmation is received that the commit has been written to the write-ahead log on disk of both the primary and standby server. The DebugRunner class is a subclass of DocTestRunner that raises an exception for the first failing example, containing information about that example. The method FIRST specifies a priority-based synchronous replication and makes transaction commits wait until their WAL records are replicated to the requested number of synchronous standbys chosen based on their priorities.

The traceback stack is followed by the most interesting part: the line(s) containing the exception type and detail. Alternatively, the test can be rewritten to capture the output and compare it to an expected value as part of the test. When a standby first attaches to the primary, it will not yet be properly synchronized. The size of the data loss window in file-based log shipping can be limited by use of the archive_timeout parameter, which can be set as low as a few seconds.

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