Y бланк диплома словарь

Aplanchadora, /., laundress, wo- man who irons and gets up linen. Colorado, a., coloured, red. Po- nerse — , to blush. Asta, /., lance; horn (of animals). Asterisco, m., asterisk. Asociar, v., to associate, to take into partnership ; r.v., to asso- ciate with another, to form a partnership. Abstenerse, i.r.v., to abstain, to refrain. — de pedir, not to order (or ask), to refrain from asking. Casca, /., grape-skin ; bark for tanning leather.

They have apparently been compelled to give up the custom and account of the foulness of the brooks. Conciencia, /., conscience. A — , conscientiously. En — , in good earnest, honestly. Spanish spelling offers little difficulty as a rule, but atten- tion might be called to words beginning with the preñxes : trans, ob and sub. Clave, /., key, key-stone. ■ — ■ tele- gráfica, cipher code, telegraphic code. ■ — ■ en uso, code used.

Having a strong sense of one’s own merit, coupled with a feeble conception of worth in others. Hombre de — , man of good qualities or talents, man of rank. Aproximación, /., approximation, approach. 19 Apr] SPANISH-ENGLISH DICTIONARY [Arb Aproximadamente, adv., nearly, approximatel}^ about. Coleta, /., cue, tail of hair tied with a ribbon ; linen or union suiting. Anunciar, v., to announce, to advise, to advertise.

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