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She often fills in for Carter when he is indisposed. Ped Xing (Arsenio Trinidad, Season 1 / Sab Shimono, Season 2), the head of the Zik-Zak corporation, Network 23’s primary sponsor. Окончательное подтверждение Как только ваша оплата поступила на наш счет, вы получаете окончательное подтверждение регистрации по электронной почте. Theora Jones[edit] Theora Jones first appeared in the British-made television pilot film for the series and was Network 23’s star controller («stolen» from the World One Network by Murray) and, working with Edison, the network’s star reporter, she often helped save the day for everyone.

As the great sage Murray once said, «You can’t fake a tape! Retrieved February 27, 2010. ^ «»Max Headroom: 20 Minutes into the Future» on DVD». Made in DNA. 2005-09-20. Archived from the original on 2008-09-19. Retrieved 2007-09-17. Further reading[edit] External links[edit]. Стоимость данной услуги составляет 4.50 руб. в сутки. Bryce Lynch uploaded a copy of his mind into a computer, giving birth to the character Max Headroom, as the last words seen by Edison Carter before impact were «Max Headroom,» specifying vehicle clearance height in the parking lot.

Оплата курсаПожалуйста, при оплате обязательно укажите фамилию и регистрационный номер слушателя курса, чтобы мы зачислили оплату на ваш счет. Данное подтверждение служит основанием для запроса визы и заменяет „приглашение“. Goethe-Institut принципиально „приглашения“ не высылает. Comico Comics had plans to publish a graphic novel based on the story, but never fulfilled them. A few posters were produced for comic shops, with a picture of Max Headroom saying Comics will never be the same again. Characters[edit] Max Headroom[edit] Main article: Max Headroom (character) Edison Carter[edit] Edison Carter (Matt Frewer) was a hard-hitting reporter for Network 23, who sometimes uncovered things that his superiors in the network would have preferred kept private. Factory» released Max Headroom: The Complete Series on DVD in the United States and Canada on August 10, 2010.[10] The set includes a roundtable discussion with most of the major cast members (other than Matt Frewer), and interviews with the writers and producers.

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